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physioplux Clinical expert


Guide exercise with EMG Biofeedback medical device and research with 8 channels of high quality EMG sensors.

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4 450,00 € * Tax excluded

Delivery: 1 to 3 weeks

8 channels EMG biofeedback medical device prepared with a full range of applications developed to gamify biofeedback exercises for generic, shoulder, knee & pelvic floor injury recovery. The assessment algorithms will allow the physiotherapist to identify muscular imbalances, movement patterns & neuromuscular control levels that will ease the recovery process and allow trainers to design customized exercises to each patient. Visual and sound feedback is available. 

It includes optional access to physioPlux cloud and physioPlux Trainer, a feature to prescribe homework exercises for shoulder conditions. physioPlux Trainer specificities are available here.

Expert comes additionally with access to the OpenSignals software, allowing researchers access to raw data and signal processing algorithms that will help to capture and treat high quality EMG signal for new scientific research.

Hardware included

1 portable tablet computer (with physioPlux Clinical software installed)

1 eight channels wireless biosignalsPlux hub 

8 surface electromyography sensors 

1 ground cable (reference electrode) 

25 detection surfaces

2 chargers (tablet and biosignalsPlux)

1 transport box 

Software included

physioPlux clinical with 11 biofeedback applications pre-installed (Biofeedback Generic, Generic Balance, Dynamic Stability Generic, Post-operative Recovery, Dynamic Stability shoulder, Dynamic Stability Patellofemoral, ACL, Pelvic Floor Training Men, Pelvic Floor Training Women, Rapid Contractions and Open Line).

OpenSignals software with EMG analysis add-on included.

Training included

physioPlux tutorial videos

4 hours in person training 


physioPlux user manual

biosignalsplux quick start guide