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physioplux Clinical knee


EMG Biofeedback medical device dedicated to effective knee injury recovery training. 

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2 500,00 € * Tax excluded

Delivery: 1 to 3 weeks

4 channels of EMG Biofeedback medical device prepared with two application specially developed to gamify biofeedback exercises for knee injury recovery; the assessment algorithms will allow therapists to identify muscular imbalance ratios that will ease the recovery process and allow trainers to design custom exercises to each patient. Visual and sound feedback is available.


Hardware included

1 portable tablet computer (with physioPlux clinical software installed)

1 four channels wireless biosignalsPlux hub

4 surface electromyography sensors 

1 ground cable (reference electrode) 

25 detection surfaces

2 chargers (tablet and biosignalsPlux)

1 transport box 

Software included

physioPlux clinical with one specific knee application pre-installed.

Training included

Tutorial videos

In person training packages available (100,00€/hour)

Remote training packages available (50,00€/hour)


User manual