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physioplux Go

Simple EMG Biofeedback for generic usage, designed for home training.
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395,00 € * Tax excluded

Delivery: 1 to 3 weeks

2 channels totally wireless EMG Biofeedback device, designed for free use home training. A simple 2 bars graphic is available to guide the exercises. Visual and sound feedback is available.

Hardware included

2 wireless electromyography sensors muscleBANs

25 detection surfaces

charger (muscleBANs)

muscleBAN specifications

Resolution: up to 16-bit

Communication: Bluetooth 2.0 or Bluetooth Low Energy

 Sampling Frequency (in Bluetooth Low Energy): up to 50Hz (streaming raw or envelope)

 Sampling Frequency (in Bluetooth 2.0): up to 1000Hz

Range: up to ~10m

Battery Life: ~8h streaming

Size: 31x71x11mm

Software included

physioplux Go (free download on iTunes)

physioplux Go (free download on Google Play)


physioPlux Go Quick Guide

muscleBAN datasheet