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physioplux Trainer

EMG biofeedback for home training, following prescriptions defined by the physiotherapist.
available for clinical PRO and clinical EXPERT users only
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395,00 € * Tax excluded

Delivery: 1 to 3 weeks

  • Up to 12 patients

2 channels totally wireless EMG Biofeedback device, designed for home training. It is a simple, intuitive and totally pre-seted application, that receives the specific customized prescription from the physioPlux clinical device. After all the prescribed exercises are concluded, a report is sent to the physiotherapist by e-mail. All data is also available on an online dashboard, and prescriptions can be altered remotely. Visual feedback available.

Each Trainer can be used by up to 12 different patients per year.


2 wireless electromyography sensors muscleBANs

25 detection surfaces

1 charger (muscleBANs)

muscleBAN specifications

Resolution: up to 16-bit

 Communication: Bluetooth Low Energy

 Sampling Frequency (in Bluetooth Low Energy): up to 50Hz (streaming raw or envelope)

 Sampling Frequency (in Bluetooth 2.0): up to 1000Hz

Range: up to ~10m

Battery Life: ~8h streaming

Size: 31x71x11mm

Software included

physioPlux trainer (free download on iTunes)

physioPlux trainer (free download on Google Play)


physioPlux user manual

muscleBAN datasheet