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BITalino Core BT (MCU+BT+PWR)



BITalino (r)evolution MCU+Power+Bluetooth blocks pre-connected in a ready to use all-in-one board with UC-E6 sockets.

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55,00 € * Tax excluded

0.01 kg
Delivery: 1 to 3 weeks


  • Real-time data streaming
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • Atmel ATMega328p chipset
  • Built-in 3.7V Li-Po battery charger
  • Micro-USB charging cable port
  • Status and low battery indicator LEDs
  • Charging status indicator LEDs
  • UC-E6 sockets for plug & play sensor connection
  • Sampling rate: 1, 10, 100 or 1000Hz (selectable)
  • Analog ports: 4 in (10-bit) + 2 in (6-bit) + battery level
  • Digital ports: 2 in (1-bit) + 2 out (1-bit)

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Important notice

Many internal Bluetooth computer adapters have limited performance, reason for which on our store we offer a dongle that has been tested and is known to work properly with BITalino:

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