What we do

Bring to life your most demanding
biosignals R&D vision using PLUX’s
toolkits and cost-effective expert team.

New Sensor Development

Standard biosignal sensors cannot always fulfill all the needs and deliver high-quality data in extreme or special situations.
We have the biosignal expertise and platforms basis to speed up the development of new custom sensors and to create a specific solution, which guarantee the acquisition of high-quality and reliable signals in your applications.

Intelligent Algorithms

Sensors produce raw data but not features to enable reasoning. We have an architecture and expert team in place to quickly develop algorithms that analyse data streamed in real-time or recorded for offline analysis, to extract the interesting features that meet your needs. Additionally, we can merge features from multiple sensors to create almost application level intelligence inside of OpenSignals.

Research Tech Transfer

The process of turning a research output or lab prototype into a market-ready product needs a great amount of management, hardware & software support, marketing, distribution channels, and a streamlined network of suppliers to speed up the time it takes the products to reach the market. We use our experienced interdisciplinary team, platforms, and our end-to-end network of partners to speed up this process for you, reaching your productization goals in a shorter period of time.

Special Projects

Special projects (e.g. the objective evaluation of sports performance), require high-quality biosignal acquisition solutions specifically adjusted to meet the unique goals of the project, and designed to work under extreme or special conditions. We can develop advanced solutions based on our existing hardware & software platforms or even create completely new systems to acquire biosignals under the particular conditions of your use case, enabling objective measurements after or even during the acquisition.

Smart BIoT Wearables

Smart wearables and Biosignals Internet of Things (BIoT) devices interact with their surroundings by acquiring & analyzing data of its environments and by making decisions based on the results. We can customize our sensors or even develop new sensor combinations to add the Smart for your wearable to communicate with its user on specific events, or to create an autonomous IoT device for biosignal sensing.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials require collecting, structuring, and analysing physiological data from multiple subjects and multiple sites. Non-intrusive miniaturised and easy-to-use systems can make a big difference, and our platforms allow data recording in an internal memory to ensure no data is lost due to connectivity problems and event marking using external trigger. This data can then be conveniently analysed, uploaded, and/or structured in the cloud using plugins inside of our OpenSignals software platform, as well as aligned with patient questionnaire results or synchronised with other signal sources (e.g. video). The data can also be inspected and normalised across cohorts to enable the creation of normative databases.

Custom Devices for Extreme Environments

Biosignal acquisition in extreme environments (e.g. underwater while swimming or in high temperatures) are very demanding tasks for regular acquisition systems. We can customise any PLUX acquisition system or develop a completely custom system according to the specifications of your extreme environment, enabling reliable data acquisition in every situation outside your laboratory or test facility..

European R&D Grants

Create an outstanding solution with unique biosignal-based features in the scope of your grant or transfer the research outputs to market by benefiting from our experienced interdisciplinary team, platforms, and end-to-end network of partners. Either as a consortium member or outsourcing partner, we can develop cost-effective and high-quality biosignal products or components right as you need them for to meet the goals of your grant. We can also add special features to your existing prototypes turning it into an outstanding market-ready and exploitable product.