How we do it

Leveraging the experience from our past projects, we have designed an effective 5 step approach to develop custom solutions for your needs.


PLUX developed for DDME, an US based med-tech company, a solution to monitor associated episodes of nocturnal bruxism and sleep apnea. The solution consists on a set of EMG, SpO2, HR, accelerometer and audio sensors, plus a mobile app for Android that does both data collection, and signal processing, and a cloud solution for dentists to access patient reports. The solution branded as GEMPRO is currently marketed in the US.

During the scope of this project, Plux has developed

  • A custom-made hardware that collects masseter EMG, snoring audio and body position on a small package;
  • A scalable and quickly deployable cloud service infrastructure to collect all the data (RAW and processed), and present it to the dentists/prescribers;
  • Signal processing add-on for EMG, audio and body position analysis;
  • Integration with a third-party hardware equipment via Bluetooth;
  • Two Android custom applications for both study data collection, and quick & easy data analysis on the GO.