How we do it

PLUX reuses its proprietary biosignalsplux and BITalino biosignals acquisition systems and proprietary 5 step approach to develop custom solutions for your needs.

BITalino and biosignalplux solutions

Our approach facilitates time to development and reduce project risk by solving multiple engineering problems.

Find more about our unique approach to design new biosignals based products here.

A long list of available and working sensors

PLUX has integrated more than 30 different biosignals to its award-winning acquisition system.

Highly efficient firmware handling data acquisition and wireless transmission

PLUX native devices support highly efficient acquisition processes, of up to 4.000 Hertz, and already solve your memory scheduling and wireless transmission needs.
rates and communication

Multiple API to integrate your own software

if you are looking for a highly specialized hardware manufacturer, PLUX can be your partner letting you focus on the SW side of the project.

PLUX design and development method

Leveraging the experience from our past projects, PLUX designed an effective 5 step approach to develop custom solutions for your needs, ranging from understanding the customer requirements on the biosignals space to design of final products that can fit their needs

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