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biosignals Force + EMG



Portable wireless force platform with streaming and local storage capabilities; ideal for biomechanics in & out of the lab.

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7 kg
Delivery: 1 to 3 weeks

biosignalsplux Force + EMG comes with 2 biosignalsplux hubs to acquire data from 4 load cell sensors and 4 EMG sensors. The load cell sensors are connected to one 4-channel biosignalsplux hub placed on the back of the aluminum plate to acquire reliable data about force and weight distribution in a wide range of applications including jump analysis, center of mass distri- bution, weight assessment, force production capacity, and others. Additionally, this kit comes with a second biosignalsplux hub and 4 EMG sensors which allow the monitoring of different muscles and/or muscle groups during the performed movements. This kit includes the EMG analysis, Force data, and Video Synchronization add-ons for the OpenSignals (r)evolution software to process and synchronize the acquired data with video recordings.

The package includes

2x Wireless 4-channel hub (specs bellow)

4x Load cell sensor (200Kg per sensor)

1x EMG Sensor

1x Sync Kit

1x Bluetooth dongle

1x Medical-grade charger

1x Sturdy aluminium plate (45x45cm)

25x Gelled self-adhesive disposable electrodes

Hub Specifications

Analog Ports: 4 generic inputs

Auxiliary Ports: 1 digital I/O + 1 ground

Resolution: up to 16-bit (per channel)

Sampling Rate: up to 1000Hz (per channel)

Communication: Bluetooth Class II

Range: up to ~10m (extendable)

Internal Memory: 8GB (stores up to 111h)

Battery Life: ~10h streaming; ~24h logging

Size: 85x54x10mm


OpenSignals for real-time acq. & offline display

Cross-platform APIs

Force Data plugin

Electromyography (EMG) Analysis plugin

Video Sync plugin

Data logging session scheduling and download add-on for OpenSignals