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ergoplux Explorer


Enables ergonomic teams to prevent injuries and missed working days, measuring workers in real-time.

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Sensor 1

High-performance in an affordable package, designed to keep your research on budget.

Work-related musculoskeletal disorders are a world problem, concerning health, social and economics sectors. In fact, the high prevalence of such disorders in the spine and upper limbs have been documented by several studies associated with to a higher number of work absences and dissatisfaction, which leads to significant social and economic costs.

With this in mind, this kit was designed to objectively track and measure work-related stress on workers conducting physical work processes by providing reliable data for ergonomists to detect, prevent, and/or improve high-risk work activates. This kit aims to help decrease and prevent the amount of work-related musculoskeletal disorders.

ergoplux Explorer uses the OpenSignals (r)evolution software to acquire and visualize data from up to 8 electromyography sensors simultaneously and the Electromyography Analysis add-on to extract statistical information from the acquired signals to evaluate the stress workers are exposed to in further detail. Additionally, the Video Synchronization add-on allows the users to record videos of the workers during the signal acquisition sessions to visualize all signals synchronously with the recorded video for post-acquisition analysis purposes (e.g. movement analysis).

The package includes:
  • 1x Wireless 4-channel hub (see specs below)
  • 4x Professional sensors (you choose)
  • 24x Pre-gelled electrodes
  • 1x Bluetooth dongle
  • 1x Medical-grade charger
  • 1x Portable and rugged storage case with foam cushioning to house all the parts
Hub specifications:
  • Analog Ports: 4 generic inputs
  • Auxiliary Ports: 1 ground
  • Resolution: up to 16-bit (per channel)
  • Sampling Rate: up to 3000Hz (per channel)
  • Communication: Bluetooth Class II
  • Range: up to ~10m (extendable)
  • Internal Memory: 16GB (stores up to 111h)
  • Battery Life: ~10h streaming
  • Size: 85x54x10mm
  • OpenSignals for real-time acq. & offline display
  • Muscle Load add-on for OpenSignals
  • VideoSync add-on for OpenSignals 
  • Cross-platform APIs