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StarterBIT LAB


The StarterBIT Lab is an option specially designed to have a combination of teaching class & research, taking advantage of both worlds. It can be designed depending on the teaching topic allowing the teacher to choose suitable workstations according to each type of body signal.q

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Pack description

With the standard configuration, the students can learn on EMG, ECG, EDA, EEG, PPG, and Respiration signals, and have hands-on sessions on each workstation. 

StarterBIT Lab is a combination of our individual bundles, available in our Webstore:

MuscleBIT BT | ready-to-start workstation specially designed for EMG data acquisition;

HeartBIT BT | pre-assembled bundle designed for ECG and Photoplethysmography (PPG) data acquisition;

NeuroBIT BT | pre-assembled bundle designed for basic EEG data acquisition;

PsychoBIT BT | pre-assembled bundle designed for basic psychophysiology data acquisition, including EDA, ECG, Pulse &Respiration (PZT) Sensors.

Each system includes pre-assembled BITalino (r)evolution Core BT and pre-assembled sensors.